Services & Rates

Free skin consultation.

All facials include ears, scalp, shoulder and decollete  massage.

 Doterra organic essential oil Facial- $70 per 60 min.

Vitamin C Facial $ 70 per 60 min.  Series of 3 $180.  

Acne Facial - $ 70 per 60 min.  Series of 3 $180.  

 Deep Cleaning Facial - $ 70 per 60 min.  Series of 3 $180.  

 Back Facial- $ 80 per 60 min.  Series of 3 $210.  

Ultrasonic Dermal Lifting Facial - $80 per 60 min. Series of 3 $ 200.  

Vacuum Facial Therapy - $70  per 60 min. Series of 3 $ 180.

Diamond microdermabrasion.  $80 per 60 minutes, glycolic peel and  ear and scalp massage.

 Series of 3 $180

Chemical peel- INNO-EXFO Lightening A. $110. It includes ear and scalp massage

 Series of 3 $300. 

 Chemical peel- INNO-EXFO Skin Recovery. $90.

 Series of 3 $ 210. 

LED facial therapy -  $45 per 30minutes. 

Series of 6 $180. 

Oxygen facial Therapy $80 per 45 minutes. It includes vacuum therapy, customized serums infusion and Oxygen mask.

Series of 3 $180. 

 Nano Pen collagen Induction Therapy  $110 per 60 minutes.

Series of 3 $300.


A complete and comprehensive 12 weeks program created to create a clear skin.

Consultaion. $50. Acne Facial $60. 12 Weeks home care products. About $150.

  • Initial consultation includes  health history, allergies to ingredients or any medication,  and life style that can compromise your acne condition. Guidelines are presented in a complete take home package.
  • Skin Analysis to determine your type of skin,  Acne type, and skin sensitivity test. 
  • Acne facial treatment customized to your specific acne condition and prepare your skin to a new home care regimen. 
  • Home care treatment plan and life style recommendations to start clearing your skin. 
  • Bi-monthly visits to monitor the progress of treatment and an Acne facial to prepare your skin to the following phase of home care regimen.
  • Note: Before beginning this treatment:
  •  You must not be currently under Acutane and nor use it within the last 30 days. 
  • You must not be currently using,  nor used within the past 2 weeks Retin-a,‚Äč Tazorac, Differin, topical or oral antibiotics such tetracycline, doxycycline,  erythromycin or clindamycin.

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